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Friday, 26 August 2011

Artist Spotlight: AMY SHACKLETON
Amy Shackleton is a visual artist based in Toronto, Canada making one hell of a name for herself!
Her paintings are captivating landscapes colliding together ever so gently. We chatted with Amy a week prior to her next solo show in Toronto.
Amy Shackleton
Currently represented at which galleries?:
The Elaine Fleck Gallery (Toronto), Gerry Thomas Gallery (Calgary), Degree Art Gallery (London, England).
Favorite thing about your job?:
I’m able to paint, travel and be creative everyday. What more can an artist ask for?
Least favorite thing about your job?:
Ironically, writing about my work. I have a hard time organizing my thoughts in a linear fashion. Besides, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?
Advice to anybody thinking about stepping into the visual arts world?:
You need to love it, want it and live for it everyday. Don’t be afraid of rejection, because it will happen time and time again. Make time for your art, and I’m not talking about just an hour or two per day. I tried painting “on the side” of a full time office job. Despite my intentions, I rarely found the time and energy to paint, let alone research galleries, attend openings, apply for exhibitions and establish myself as an artist. So I quit my job. One month later, I had nine commissions and a group exhibition lined up in Toronto. It’s now been two and a half years, and I’ve sold over 80 paintings to private and corporate collectors across Canada.
What do you have next up your sleeve?
Next week I have a solo show, called revitalizaT.On, opening at the Elaine Fleck Gallery in Toronto. It runs September 1-25. Each painting dissects an area of Toronto I feel needs a natural uplift. It’s my first series of work created entirely without a paintbrush. Instead, I apply the paint with squeeze bottles and rotate the canvas to manipulate each drip. The result is calculated, yet spontaneous! Also, I’m flying to Rome next week to gather inspiration for my upcoming appearance at the International Art Fair in Toronto (Oct 28-31). I’ll be back in Toronto in time for the opening reception of revitalizaT.On September 15th 6-9pm.
Where do you currently reside?/Best way to check out your work and get in touch with you?:
Im the proud new owner of a live/work studio near Queen Street and Carlaw Avenue in Toronto. But, right now, most of my works are on display at The Elaine Fleck Gallery and Gerry Thomas Gallery. You can view all of my works, and see their availability on my website (www.amyshackleton.com).