McMichael Gallery - First Choice Award

McMichael Gallery - First Choice Award

Shackleton painting en plein air.

I created a painting onsite at McMichael Canadian Art Collection as part of the McMichael En Plein Air Painting Competition. 42 artists were selected from across Ontario to set their easels on the McMichael’s grounds and capture the magnificent landscape.

Strong Roots (Kleinburg)

My painting Strong Roots (Kleinburg) received the First Choice Award from the jury! It will be on exhibit alongside the other award winners from November 17, 2018 to January 6, 2019 at the McMichael’s Creative Learning Gallery.

Award Winners:

First Choice:
Amy Shackleton

Works On Stretched Canvas or Canvas Board: 
1st prize: Sharon Woodsworth-Smith
2nd prize: Chuck Beamish
3rd prize: Everist Prokofiev

Works on Paper
1st prize: Momin Khan
2nd prize: Marek Badzynski
3rd prize: Hilary Slater

Youth Category
1st prize:Cameron Lawrence
2nd prize: Reilly Knowles
3rd prize: Christina Feriozzo

Kleinburg Urban Scene Prize
Karin Fediw

People’s Choice
Christy Michalak

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