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Amy Shackleton and Julian Brown | Playing with Fire and Ice

Amy Shackleton and Julian Brown | Playing with Fire and Ice

Show Dates: April 5 - June 20, 2021 (pending COVID-19 restrictions)Location: Art Gallery of Northumberland, Cobourg, ON.Opening reception: TBD Ar...
1st Prize Award - Juried Exhibition, Station Gallery (Whitby)

1st Prize Award - Juried Exhibition, Station Gallery (Whitby)

1st Prize was awarded to Shackleton in recognition of this painting for "Dream Logic, 28th Annual Juried Exhibition" at Station Gallery on Decembe...
Juried Exhibition:  October 3, 2020 – January 17, 2021, Orillia Museum of Art & History

Juried Exhibition: October 3, 2020 – January 17, 2021, Orillia Museum of Art & History

The Carmichael Canadian Landscape Exhibition: Tradition Transformed was created in recognition of Group of Seven member, Franklin Carmichael, who w...

Career Highlights


The Great Canadian LEEDscape

This 53-foot-long panorama of Canada was featured in a national travelling exhibition (2017-18) and is now owned by a private collector.

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Solo Public Exhibitions

Art Gallery of Northumberland (upcoming), Museum of Dufferin (upcoming), Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, THE MUSEUM 

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The Robert McLaughlin Gallery & Oshawa Centre (Public Art Mural Commission), Facebook Canada
(Live painting performance & commission), University of Cincinnati (Guest Artist & theatrical projection).

Featured Paintings


Onward and Upward (Toronto + Minden) 2020, 60" x 60"


Beneath the Surface (Iqaluit + Toronto), 2020, 60" x 45"


Domino Effect (Toronto + Kootenay National Park), 2019, 30" x 30"



Stand Your Ground (Toronto + Kleinburg) 2019, 45" x 60"


Windfall (Toronto + Banff + Kootenay National Park) 2020, 45" x 30"


Urban Treehouse (New York + Kleinburg) 2019, 60" x 45"

"My work raises questions about our future — be it utopian or apocalyptic."

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Painting Technique

In place of conventional brushes, Shackleton uses squeeze bottles and gravity to create her paintings. Liquid paint is dripped, poured and layered. The canvas is rotated to steer the drip and fall of the paint. Videos featuring her innovative technique have reached over 15 million people worldwide.

What people are saying

My favourite Canadian artist for over 10 years. Her talent, creativity, sensibility, mix of ideology with harsh realism, and most of all, her deep care for our natural environment is all captured in each of her masterpieces. The power of her message is clearly and holistically captured."

Olivia Goudou (Collector)

I have worked closely with many Artists, and in many capacities. Amy Shackleton is the most trustworthy, responsible, reliable, creative, ethical, skilled, kind, and intelligent of people."

Jeremy Desjardine (Educator, Artist)

I received my beautiful painting today!! It came through perfectly. All that bubble wrap did its job... it's even more beautiful in person than we anticipated. Thank you!!"

B.B. (Art Collector)

Although Shackleton's paintings are intended to be designs for quotidian urban agriculture of the future, many paintings could also be perceived as jarringly atrophic."

Matthew Ryan Smith (Curator)

Amy’s painting style was unique and certainly very entertaining for the crowds that watched her create the marvellous paintings right there, live on the show floor."

Doug Parsons, Home Hardware (Client)

Notably absent in all Shackleton’s paintings are people, traffic and other living presences. Absence leaves space for projection; space, scale and time are ambiguous, incongruencies go unnoticed."

Todd Tremeer (Curator, Artist, Educator)