About the Artist

Amy Shackleton in the studio


Canadian born Amy Shackleton is a drip painter, with a twist. Videos featuring her inventive technique have reached over 15 million people worldwide. Shackleton’s background includes a Fine Arts Honours Degree from York University (Toronto, ON), an extensive exhibition history (e.g. a 2017/18 National Tour exhibiting her 53’ interpretive panorama of Canada) and paintings displayed in hundreds of public and private collections (e.g. THEMUSEUM, Colart Collection, Facebook Canada and the University of Cincinnati).  Shackleton is an active member on the Board of Directors at the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington and within the larger Ontario and Canadian Arts Community. She is represented by Wall Space Gallery (Ottawa), Kefi Art Gallery (Toronto) and works from her studio in Oshawa, Ontario.

Artist Statement

Shackleton’s work depicts an uncertain future where cities blend with nature. Through an optimistic lens, she creates unique urban landscape paintings that combine multiple locations into a single composition. Inspired by the urgency of climate change, she questions what’s to come – be it utopian or apocalyptic. Forests are burning, lands are flooding and glaciers are melting. As extreme weather events become more frequent and hit closer to home, Shackleton’s paintings are becoming less about the future and more about the present. 

Rather than conventional paintbrushes, Shackleton uses squeeze bottles and gravity as her primary tools for creation. Liquid paint is dripped, poured and layered as the canvas is rotated to navigate. The architectural aspects are highly controlled while the natural elements embody the spontaneous liquid impulse. Shackleton’s work wrestles with these opposing forces, just as her own optimism wrestles with reality. 

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Gallery Representation

Ottawa, Canada
Wall Space Gallery
358 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON K2A OE8

Toronto, Canada

Paris, France
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