Hot Spot | Public Art Exhibition | Oshawa

Hot Spot | Public Art Exhibition | Oshawa

*UPDATE* This exhibition has been extended until November 2024 due to public interest.

Julian and I created a new mural and augmented reality experience at the South Oshawa Community Centre! Our completed artwork will remain on display until November 16th, 2023. 

Exhibition: October 18th to November 17th
Location: South Oshawa Community Centre, 1455 Cedar St, Oshawa, ON.

^ Amy Shackleton, acrylic mural on aluminum composite panels, 7' x 8'

^ Julian Brown stands next to his augmented reality installation.

Description of the Artwork:
Hot Spot
Amy Shackleton & Julian Brown
2023, Acrylic on aluminum composite panels, augmented reality.

In Hot Spot we juxtapose local imagery with scenes of ecological destruction to draw your attention to the ongoing climate crisis. Specifically, we address recent wildfires and the associated air quality concerns that have impacted the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. To achieve this, we transplant trees from the Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens and Harmony Creek Trail, intricately weaving them with the Tribute Communities Centre, a prominent entertainment hub in downtown Oshawa. These locally inspired elements introduce a sense of familiarity to the artwork, serving as a stark reminder that these environmental challenges are unfolding right in our own communities.

Merging physical and digital components creates an immersive storytelling platform. At first glance, the mural presents a peaceful autumn scene in the city. However, when you interact with AR, a transformation takes place. The mural enters a 3D digital realm, unveiling burnt trees and smoldering ashes that drastically alter the piece's mood and meaning. This shift turns Hot Spot from a place-to-be into a symbol of urgency, encouraging you to contemplate fleeing from the very ground you were initially drawn to. By exposing you to the effects of climate change in your own backyard, Hot Spot aims to spark conversation and inspire positive change.

This temporary public art project is supported by the City of Oshawa. 

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