Interviews & Press - Mural Creation at Museum of Dufferin

Interviews & Press - Mural Creation at Museum of Dufferin

^ Winds of Change (Dufferin County + Iqaluit + Jasper NP + Kootenay NP)
Acrylic mural on aluminum composite panel
96 x 96 x 0.25 in

Shackleton created this mural onsite at the Museum of Dufferin. Visitors were encouraged to watch and converse with the artist as she created the mural over a three day period.

Shackleton collaborated with Climate Action Dufferin to examine the effects of climate change in the region and educate local audiences about climate change issues. Shackleton drew inspiration from architectural and environmental elements familiar to visitors (rolling hills, forests, housing developments, wind turbines and even the Museum of Dufferin itself). With this artwork, Shackleton reminds viewers that climate change isn’t only happening far away, it’s happening in our own backyard. This mural is a call for action and a stark prediction for environmental futures.

Shackleton was interviewed by Brian Lockhart, Joshua Santos, Nick Eeuwes and Paula Brown as she created a mural on site at the Museum of Dufferin from Oct 21-23, 2021. You can find the articles in the Toronto Star, Shelburne Free Press, FM 101 Orangeville Today, Welland Tribune, Orangeville Banner among others (links below). 

LINKS for interviews & press:

Portrait of the artist: Amy Shackleton - an exploration of humanity and the environment.
Words by Brian Lockhart
Read via Toronto Star or Yahoo

Artist highlights climate crisis in Dufferin County
Words by Joshua Santos
Read via Toronto Star or Orangeville Banner 

MOD unveils mural calling for action on climate change
Words by Paula Brown
Read via Toronto Star, Shelburne Free Press, Welland Tribune or Yahoo

Artist Amy Shackleton explores conflicting relationships between humanity and the environment through art
Audio Interview by Nick Eeuwes
Listen via FM 101 Orangeville Today

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