Painting Commissions


A commission is a custom work of art created for those who would like a specific size, colour palette and/or location incorporated into their urban landscape painting. I love collaborating with galleries, universities, large organizations, community groups, interior designers and private collectors. I have completed over 50 commissions, which now live in boardrooms, corporate office spaces and private homes.


Here are some of my standard sizes and prices (as of 2020). If you have a different size in mind, let’s talk! My largest painting to date spans over 50 feet and is made up of 13 panels.

  • 30” x 30” = C$5,000 +tax
  • 30” x 45” = C$5,625 +tax
  • 35” x 50” = C$6,250 +tax
  • 45” x 60” (one or two panels) = C$8,750 +tax
  • 45” x 90” (two or three panels) = C$10,625 +tax 
  • 60” x 90” (one or two panels) = C$12,500 +tax

Please note commissions are 25% more expensive than my currently available paintings.


1 - Deposit

Once you’ve selected a size, I require a 50% deposit upfront. This confirms your interest in collaborating and secures your place in line.

2 - Consultation

We discuss the direction of your piece (size, colour palette, subject matter, etc). You tell me what you would like to see in your painting and I will tailor the piece to your wishes. If you aren't sure yet, that's okay too! Take a look at my website and pick out a few of your favourite paintings—then we can discuss what you like about each one. My goal is to make you 100% happy while aligning with my artistic vision.

3 - Digital Study

I always create a digital study in Photoshop before I start painting. Although I prefer to work from my own photographs, I am open to working with yours, especially if you have dozens (or hundreds) to choose from. Using photo collage and digital painting, I combine 2-5 photographs into a single composition and add colour. I share this study with you and get your approval before lifting a squeeze bottle. The study gives you a great idea of the composition, subject matter and colour palette, but the texture and beautiful moments will happen in the finished painting (see examples below).

Digital Study
^ Digital Study: “Building Bridges” (Italy + Austria + Poland), 45” x 90” triptych

Painting Example
^ Finished Painting: “Building Bridges” (Italy + Austria + Poland), 45” x 90” triptych

4 - Painting

I create your painting in my studio using squeeze bottles and gravity. This stage usually takes 1.5 months. If you would like to follow my process, I can share behind-the-scenes photos on social media (with your approval). You will be the first to know when your painting is finished. I can send you a photo or you can wait to see it in person.

5 - Final Payment and Delivery

Once you settle the balance, I will deliver your painting ASAP. If you are not local, I will arrange to have your piece safely packed and shipped.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. I look forward to collaborating with you!