Looking for something special?

Shackleton creates custom work for those who would like a specific size, colour palette and/or location incorporated into their urban landscape painting. Scroll down to view a price list, shipping info and details about the artist's commission process.

Price List

Commissions are tailored to your wishes. As such, they are 25% more expensive than Shackleton's available paintings. Standard commission sizes and prices are listed below.  If you have a different size in mind, get in touch! Her largest painting to date spans over 50 feet and is made up of 13 panels.

  • Small/Medium

    30” x 30” = C$6,000 +tax
    30” x 45” = C$7,400 +tax
    35” x 50” = C$8,500 +tax
    30" x 60" = C$8,800 +tax
    45" x 45" = C$9,500 +tax

  • Large

    45” x 60” = C$11,300 +tax
    60" x 60" = C$13,000 +tax
    45” x 90” = C$14,000 +tax 
    60” x 90” = C$16,700 +tax
    84" x 84" = C$19,200 +tax

  • Murals

    Larger-scale public art projects start at 96" x 96" (8' x 8') on aluminum panels

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Worldwide shipping is available! Artworks typically ship by air and insurance is always included. Please note the artist has no control over duties/taxes charged by your country (often between 0 and 25%, due on delivery). 

  • Small/Medium

    Shipping fee is 7% of the painting price. Artwork is professionally soft-packed in a cardboard box. 

  • Large

    Shipping fee is 15% of the painting price. Artwork is shipped in a custom-built wooden crate.

  • A 25% deposit is required upfront. This confirms your interest in collaborating and secures your place in line.

  • Shackleton will arrange a phone consultation with you to discuss the direction of your painting. Her goal is to make you 100% happy while aligning with her artistic vision.

  • Consultation tips, from the artist:

    1. It's helpful if you browse through my website in advance of (and during) our consultation. Take note of your favourite paintings and think about what you like about each one.

    2. I've developed a signature colour palette over the years. Are you drawn to colours I've worked with in the past? Would you like specific colours incorporated into your painting?

    3. My work combines multiple urban and wild environments within a single composition. I've explored many places and enjoy working from my own photos for inspiration, whenever possible. Would you like a specific location incorporated into your painting or are you open to suggestions? 

  • Shackleton always creates a digital study in Photoshop before she starts painting. Before lifting a squeeze bottle, she will share the study with you and earn your approval. Using photo collage and digital drawing, Shackleton combines 2-5 photographs into a single artwork. The study will give you a great idea of the composition, subject matter and colour palette, but the texture and beautiful moments will happen in the finished painting.

  • Shackleton will create your painting in her studio using squeeze bottles and gravity. She loves to share behind-the-scenes photos of the creation process on social media (with your approval).

  • Once you settle the balance, your painting will be safely packed and shipped ASAP.

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